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Funny Dog Meme

Paying for Dog School

I guess some dogs have to pay for obedience school themselves. Hopefully my dog never turns to the pole for extra money!

Charlie Sheen Meme

I Love Coke

Everyone know that Charlie Sheen loves Coke. But guess what? Charlie loves Coke more than Pepsi! Share this with your friends and …

James Bond Meme

James Bond Meme

This James Bond meme is the perfect example of what would happen if James Bond and a chicken ever met and got …

Emo Meme

Funny Emo Look

This emo meme proves that the “emo look” is definetly not for everyone! This guy has so much cleaning up to do …

Funny Baby Meme

Baby Wants a Cookie

Part of what makes this baby meme so funny is that it’s actually true! Kids always beg for cookies and other stuff …

Funny Surprise

Funny Surprise

Imagine what went through this guys mind the second he saw the full picture here! This is one funny prank he won’t …

Facebook Meme

Facebook Always Changes

If you also find it annoying everytime that Facebook makes changes then share this picture! This Facebook meme is a great way …

Spiteful God Meme

Spiteful God

If humanity really descended from one man and one woman, then why did they only have sons and no daughters? This is …