Steve Harvey Meme

Steve Harvey Memes

After messing up at the beauty contest, Mr. Steve Harvey’s meme got more popular than ever.

Funny Weed Meme

Pot Gets Legalized

Picture what big cities will look like from above the day that marijuana is legalized. I think this funny weed meme gives …

Funny Dog Meme

Paying for Dog School

I guess some dogs have to pay for obedience school themselves. Hopefully my dog never turns to the pole for extra money!

Charlie Sheen Meme

I Love Coke

Everyone know that Charlie Sheen loves Coke. But guess what? Charlie loves Coke more than Pepsi! Share this with your friends and …

James Bond Meme

James Bond Meme

This James Bond meme is the perfect example of what would happen if James Bond and a chicken ever met and got …

Emo Meme

Funny Emo Look

This emo meme proves that the “emo look” is definetly not for everyone! This guy has so much cleaning up to do …

Funny Baby Meme

Baby Wants a Cookie

Part of what makes this baby meme so funny is that it’s actually true! Kids always beg for cookies and other stuff …

Funny Surprise

Funny Surprise

Imagine what went through this guys mind the second he saw the full picture here! This is one funny prank he won’t …